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Quilt #7 Rainbow Bright (Ella's 5th Birthday)

September 15, 2016

A few months back, we came upon a sunset rainbow over Lago di Garda... and, boy, what a sight it was!  Ever since moving to this part of the world, the rainbows have been frequent and just tremendous.  Back home in the States, I only remember seeing rainbow arcs... rarely these continuous half circles... or the ones that arc over the entire Inn Valley where we live.  Needless to say, rainbows are celebrities in our house and each one is celebrated with oohs and ahhs.

Now that you know the backstory of our fascination, you will understand the next logical step with a pile of old clothes and scrap fabrics -  all in the colors of the rainbow!


Throw in my other obsession with Gees Bend and improvisational quilting... and you get a fun summer quilt project!



I used strips of solid color fabrics and white sheeting material.  I used white sheeting for the backing also.  Since this was a Summer quilt, I didn't want to use any heavy materials or fluffy batting.

Here we go! I started from the center and worked my way outwards... using a progression of colors from the rainbow spectrum... trying to create a kind of refracted light effect.


With top done, next up was the sandwich of the top, batting, and backing... and then the quilting, yay!

In my mind, I kept with the rainbow feeling and thought maybe a sort of improvisational all over squiggly quilting might create a cloud like effect.

But, 3/4 of the way through it looked like a mess and I pulled all of the threads out.  Hmmph!

Disappointed but still determined, I decided to finish the quilt with knots and call it a day.  I mean, hey, I was already five months late with this quilt for El... know when to fold 'em, right?

So, here is my seventh quilt, 'Rainbow Bright':

A few snapshots from all the birthday fun:

Birthday Pancakes

Birthday Cake

Birthday at Granny & Grandpa's

Fun in Vienna with Dada

To my bright and lovely, Ella!
Here's to another year of adventures and rainbow catching!
Love, Mommy

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