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Vienna's Aquarium (Haus des Meeres)

May 9, 2016

On a recent trip to Vienna, we made it to the city's aquarium - Haus des Meeres.  The above picture is a view from the top... now imagine this same view but in 360 degrees.  Vienna goes on forever in all directions.  It is a beautiful, European city... packed tight with alleys and corridors... lined with endless buildings of elegant, Viennese architecture.

Here's a shot out of my hotel window.  See how the streets just go on and on?  I felt a bit claustrophobic walking along street level... so, I was really glad to get a good aerial view to see the forest from the trees!

The aquarium is located in a single building with ten floors.  It's an interesting aquarium because it's more vertically integrated.  Smart use of limited space!

Lucky for us, we arrived in the morning... just in time for the breakfast rush!

Animals were on the move!

I mentioned 'vertically integrated'... well, in the tropical exhibit... the space is open upon three floors... and the animal seem to move freely.  This guy moved so freely, he came inside and inspected the place.

Always happy to visit with the fishies, El & Lil had a grand old time before we made our exit out of Vienna... and even happier to find their friend, the Spider Crab!!!

Here are a few shots taken by Ella of her latest souveniers from the aquarium...

Haus des Meeres is a fun place for kids... and secretly, an awesome spot to go for a panoramic view of Vienna... you can even climb up the 192 steps to the top and by-pass the aquarium.  Have fun!

Haus des Meeres - Aqua Terra Zoo GmbH

Fritz-Gr├╝nbaum-Platz 1
1060 Wien
Tel  +43 1 587 14 17
Fax +43 1 586 06 17

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