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The Secret Zoo of Rare Animals

April 21, 2016

Last weekend, we discovered a secret little gem hidden at the base of the mountains in the little village of Ebbs.  Not far from Kufstein, the Raritäten Zoo was not easy to find.  After asking a few locals, we found a small parking lot in a field.  A long, paved pathway led from the parking lot into an oasis of trees.

As we entered the wooded area, the path opened up and we came upon the entrance.

The day was beautiful and surprisingly, the zoo was not very crowded.  We came across this little guy who was just lounging the day away in the sun.  What we first noticed about the zoo was how well-kept it looked.  Each animal exhibit had their own little 'cabin' and their surroundings were clean and tidy.  Each animal had a full platter of food... and there were fresh water streams running throughout the landscape.  There was not a single 'animal smell'... as there tends to be in any type of animal enclosure!

I'm feeling Karl Lagerfeld here!

The animals seemed social with each other.  This peacock was visiting the turtles. 


This rooster was keeping an eye out for El.

And, while I only have a photo of this lonely lemur, he was later joined by his pack and they jumped from exhibit to exhibit... at one point, annoying the birds in another cage.

The goats were quite curious of us... or maybe it was the food in the bag!


Lil and this little monkey, a Barbary macaques, were definitely having a moment.  Look at the intense gaze!  There were so many of the macaques in a very large enclosure.  There were big ones and little ones - all running and chasing each other!  They are particularly partial to peanuts!

These two owls were beautiful.  Huge. Majestic.  Side by side they sat and watched us with great interest... oh, wait... they were staring at our dog, Coco.  It was very cool that leashed dogs are welcome... but not so cool to some of the birds... or the lemurs... 


There was a pair of black swans that came to say hello.  What beautiful birds.


These storks finally started building their first nests after arriving to this zoo.  


A few flamigos strayed from the pack and were headed back to join the other thirty or more flamingos.


There was also an Austrialian compound... there were these cute little maras.  And, because my camera phone is behaving wonky these days, I didn't get good pics of the pairs of kangaroos and albino kangaroos.  White kangaroos?!


On the way out, we had a brief pop quiz about all of the animals we saw that day.  The animals are very busy in the zoo... lots of notable events!


Walking back to the car, there was definitely a lot of talk about all the animals we saw... 

And, a corner shot of the mountain ranges that surround this field.  It's quite serene here.  You'd never know there was a large zoo in the area!

We are definitely going back... Check it out if you're ever in the area.  Dogs on a leash are welcome... there are many interesting animals to see... the landscape is beautiful... AND there's ice cream!

Raritätenzoo Ebbs
Kruckweg 20
A-6341 Ebbs bei Kufstein, Österreich
Tel.: +43/(0)664/4553630

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