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Pattern Weight Bon Bons

April 15, 2016

I recently came across a neglected box of casino chips... casino chips!?  I know, right?  Long gone are the days of visiting a casino... no, really... I only went once or twice in my life.  These chips are a relic from an old project when we lived in Manhattan... honest!

El & Lil seem to have no interest in using these as play money... so... guess I have to come up with a fun project!

I liked the weight of these chips... they feel nice in the hand.  Hmm, this weight would be perfect for pattern weights!!!  There are tons of projects out there for DIY pattern weights on Pinterest.

People like using heavy metal washers... or they make little bean bags... or anything that's heavy to keep their pattern pieces from flying away.  I like how the finished product reminds me of little pastries! 

(Credit:Sew Fearless)
Back to my casino chips!  First things first, I used some duct tape to to keep them all together.  Then, I placed the chip in the center of some card stock and measured the distance A (the total height of the stack) all around... this will become the 'wall' of the pattern weight.  Next, I cut out the circle of card stock.

I cut a circular piece of fabric with an additional 3/8 inch border.  I used this border to fold over the circular disk while I sent a running stitch all around the circumference.  (Don't forget to knot the end or you'll be running around in circles!)

When finished, I pulled out the inner card stock pattern and put in my bundled set of casino chips and a layer of batting between it and the fabric interior.  I'm going to need this fluffy cushion when finished to stick a few pins in.

Now that the chips and the batting are in place, I pulled the thread as tight as I could (without popping the thread!) and did a few reverse stitches and knotted the end to finish.

Next up: The Bottom.

For the bottom, I cut a circular disk out of the same card stock and a piece of batting in the exact size of the casino chip.

Then, I cut out a circular piece of fabric that had an additional 3/8 inch allowance.  I repeated the same running stitch all around, pulled the thread tightly (making sure the circular pattern and the batting are snug in place), and reverse stitched and knotted the thread.

Once finished, I placed the two pieces together and used a ladder stitch to close.

Et voila!  Pattern weights that look like little bon bons or macarons... I'm feel like I'm channeling Alice in Wonderland!  These little guys look good enough to eat!

Finished!  These little guys are all ready to be a sweet (and practical!) gift for our favorite sewing maestro!

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