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Circus Krone Zoo

March 8, 2016

Recently, on a cloudy and somewhat chilly Saturday,  we took El & Lil on a little excursion to the circus.  Not to the big top circus, mind you, but to the little zoo behind the circus... also known as the primary residence of the show animals when they aren't traveling or performing.    Circus Krone was originally founded in 1905 by Carl Krone as an animal exhibit.  Decades and one aerial bombing (and reconstruction!) of the circus building later, Circus Krone is one of the largest circuses in Europe and one of the few to occupy a building.

There were many animals to see on our visit - a donkey, a few funky llamas, three elephants, a wild boar, a mini-pride of lions.

Also on view were two bison, many horses, zebras, and a few camels... Oh! and a hippo, too! Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was captivity (more likely), but the animals seemed kinda bummed... and who could blame them?  As much as I loved to show El & Lil these animals in person... it's better for these animals to roam free in the wild... There were many horses to see... their stalls clean and cared for... but I could imagine they were dreaming of running.  I was able to catch two horses who wouldn't let a wall come between them!  It was very sweet!

So, if you are in the Munich area... and it's winter... and you have kids and need to kill an hour... check out the Circus Krone Zoo.  If you have more hours to kill and want to see more animals, I'd say head on over to the Munich's Hellabrun Zoo.

Or check out the Circus Krone show under the big top!

Circus Krone Zoo
Zirkus-Krone-Straße 1-6
D-80335 München
Telefon:  089 5458000
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