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Deutsches Museum Part I

February 25, 2016

Hello from Austria!  It's been a while, huh? It's been snowing a lot (good for the skiers!)  and overall the mountains and the valley have been quietly awaiting the signs of Spring.

Fasching (aka Carnival) came and went... Our household was sick during this time... bummer.  But, our memories from last year are still fresh in our minds!

A few weekends ago, weather being cold and gray, we visited the Deutsches Museum.

This museum is quite incredible.  Interested in science and technology?  This museum covers 35 areas over six floors and has something for everyone!  We only made it through three exhibits before everyone became mentally exhausted!  El & Lil started to zone out a bit... and so, we knew we had to plan a return visit!

Our first exhibit was about Marine Navigation.   The models in this exhibit were quite extraordinary... the attention to detail and the size and scale of each model was quite impressive.  We saw the beginnings of nautical transportation with straw and wooden boats, to the early under sea submarines and manned submersibles, to the evolution of navigational devices... very, very cool!

Next up, we saw the Mining exhibit of two full size replicas of a salt mine and a coal mine.  Mining was a big deal in this area - written records show that mining started in Germany around AD 970.  The girls are getting very familiar with mines... and, they made sure to mention that they weren't scared this time!

Did I mention how awesome the model making was?  It really felt like the inside of a mine... and since we were in a real, abandoned silver mine not long ago, the only things missing were the high humidity, low temperatures, and pools of water here and there!

And, finally, we made it to the Historic Aviation exhibit.  Again, great replicas and models all around...  The main historical players in aviation were all accounted for... the girls got more and more excited when they saw the birds and various seed pods that also have a place in the beginnings of flight.  But, the BEST part of this exhibit was when the girls were able to steer a plane!  A big fave of the kids, there is a model size commercial jet that can be controlled via a steering wheel (?)... I think we have two future Amelia Earhearts on our hands!

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