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Snowed In (Banh Pate So)

January 23, 2016

Hi there!  El was sick this past week and so, not much was happening at chez moi.  I did partake in a fun little photo challenge.  Seven days, seven pics of something nature related... and since, I was stuck indoors for most of it... my photos captured the goings on outside of my windows... I could have found old, favorite images of yore... but I liked trying to find something interesting in my immediate vicinity... and, make it look interesting.  Hopefully.

It was quite cold this past week... quite cold, indeed.  So, cold that my feet were cold... even with socks on!  And, I couldn't have that!  So, I dropped all of my projects and found a seriously cozy looking pair of slippers to crochet.

Credit: Link

Don't they look warm??!  

The original pattern, 'Nola's Knitted Slippers', is from The Seamen's Church Institute.  This group, I have only just discovered, supports all seafarers away at sea during the winter months (well, year-round, actually).  One of their many programs is called 'Christmas at Sea' where they provide patterns for volunteers to knit or crochet.  Completed items are sent back to SCI who then sends them out each winter.  Hmm, sounds like something up my alley.  Remember, my quilt for Kenya?

They are super cozy and warm... Also, I made a few modifications:

* shortened the cuff by half... So, these are more like 'anklet slippers'... (and honestly, my feet couldn't wait any longer.  It was too drafty in my apartment.)
* the pattern starts out on circular needles, but I started mine on double pointed needles in the round.  When it was time to pick up stitches, only then did I switch to the circular needles.
*  I added two ridges to the tongue length
* and, some how, accidentally, I knit two rows consecutively to get the obvious separating line (or border) which makes it look more like a 'seam'.  Can you tell?  Now, it looks like more of a loafer instead of a sock.

. . .

Hmm, all this crafting makes me hungry...  My mom used to make these savory puff pastry 'hot pockets' with ground pork, wood ear mushrooms, and cellophane noodles.  So good!  Crisp and flaky on the outside and steamy and savory on the inside.

I used this recipe from The Ravenous Couple.   My only regret... I couldn't find my wood ear mushrooms.  But, I carried on, nonetheless!  (My cellophane noodles were a little unruly... You can cut them shorter than I did!)


A little bit of Thai sweet chili sauce in the end and all was right again!  This is a fun appetizer or little 'pick me up' on a late Saturday afternoon.  I'm quite sure the recipe can be changed up in many ways and still be delicious!

Sending lots of warmth to the East Coast this weekend.  I can't wait to see all the pics on social media of what you guys are cooking and getting into while snowed in!  With all of the groceries missing from the shelves, you guys must be cooking up a storm!

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