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Saint Martin's Day (Apple Oatmeal Cookies)

November 23, 2015
On November 11th, it was St. Martin's Day here in Austria.  

St. Martin was a a knight during the Roman times.  Legends say that he saw a beggar freezing by the side of the road.  St. Martin then cut his coat in half with his sword and gave the half coat to the beggar and saved his life.  He is remembered as a patron for the poor and a friend of children.  His kind act is commemorated each year on St. Martins Day.

Children light lanterns and walk in procession around their schools or through town... the lanterns symbolizes the light that brings holiness into the darkness.  Traditionally, a goose is served (St. Martin's goose) on this day to celebrate the end of autum, of harvest time... and the beginning of Winter.

At school, El & Lil's class celebrated with a short procession to an outside area where they sang songs about St. Martin.  They even re-enacted the story of St. Martin cutting his coat in half for the freezing beggar.

Earlier in the day, the kids had a special St. Martin's lunch... They even made heart-shaped Lebkucken cookies from scratch!

. . .

Back home in the kitchen, I had a few sad looking apples on the counter.  Not wanting to toss them out with the garbage, I found a yummy Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal cookie from Joy the Baker to make for the girls.

Taste tested and El & Lil approved!


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