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Tuesday Tidbits - Life In Between

October 6, 2015

+ Cuba's lung cancer vaccine

+ the secret language of assisted suicide

+ the evolution of Alzheimer's disease

+ surgery without blood transfusions?  

+ cheap new test to tell you every infection you've ever had?

+ the country that bans divorce

+ thoughts on child discipline 

+ ten story factory turned playground 

+ more women in the delivery room

+ birth as a natural process, not emergency

+ are parents bias towards first-borns?

+ unrealistic views of death?

+ when you are addicted to your phone

+ what doctors know about death

+ how Navy SEALS conquer fear

+ why women struggle with self promotion

+ and why they should embrace it

+ independent mothers of Iceland

+ modern doctor house calls

+ a different approach to kids and bad behavior

+ crisis in the Pharma industry

+ psychological problems of climate scientists

+ free play is the best summer school

+ regret over how a dying parent was treated

+ a doctor who really feels your pain?

+ dark side of emotional intelligence

+ introversion - Dutch military's secret weapon

+ pathologists - whose patients are already dead

+ how to be mindful of screen time

+ the link between emotion and attention 

+ the unaddressed toll of emotional labor

+ the history of potty training

+ national security trumps torture concerns

+ why lonely people stay lonely

+ are lonely brains different?

+ kids in foster care

+ ob/gyn in Sierra Leone

+ praise for the intellectuals

+ exhausted superkids

+ what emotions are and aren't

+ why we need older women in the workplace

+ a daughter watches her homeless father

+ long term effects of tattoos

+ a hoarder's tale of redemption

+ menopause... and the origin of cheating

+ snobbery science

+ misunderstood on the internet?

+ a doctor at his daughter's hospital bedside

+ when success leads to failure 

+ the opposite of hoarding

+ you are more likely to die in a hospital on these days...

+ have women lost the war on women?

+ secret world of women surgeons


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