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The Perfect Autumn Day (Lemon Almond Butter Cake)

October 30, 2015

There was never a more perfect Autumn day than this past Saturday.  Neither a single footprint could be found in our little Medieval town... Nor could an empty parking space near the entrances to nearby mountain hiking paths...

We chose a new trail path to a hidden lake (Bergsteiner See) - small in size but big in charm.  It was surrounded by the golden hues of Autumn, Summer's final encore.

The gorgeous colors that abound this time of year are the very things that get me out of my end-of-summer sadness.  I really don't enjoy when summer ends.  This is what the end of the year feels like to me.  The beauty of the changing of the leaves is so striking... a gracious reminder that life goes on... that summer will come again.

There is still fun to be had... as the crispy, fallen leaves beckon us to kick and stomp and throw and roll around in them.  Such childhood memories!

We finally arrived to the lake... A few other hikers in quiet contemplation at this place of solitude where the mountains rise high above you and the trees sing the season's good tidings.

Back home on the ranch, we ended a nice day of fresh air with a cake that was a first for me.  From a NYT recipe, this cake was sweet and then tart, soft and then chewy, cakey and then nutty... Each bite was different than the last. It was delicious.  And, another good way to use lemon curd besides in a tart. 

Til next time!  
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