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Tuesday Tidbits - Farewell, Summer.

August 25, 2015


To me, the end of August brings the last Summer hurrahs - last road trips, last clam bakes, last days laying out in the sun, last baskets of juicy, red strawberries, last mornings or evenings where just a T-shirt and shorts will do.  When we break out the light sweaters for morning or night, the signal is clear - Summer is coming to a close.  The end of Summer calls out to put our lazy days behind us and to get in gear for the things to come.  Goodbye, Summer 2015.  You were a hot one! 

[Don't worry, the official start of Fall isn't until September 23! My internal clock still follows the start of the new school year as the official end of summer!]

Here's some motivation to get us going:

* The world is your oyster.  Eat it up.

* A French perspective on happiness

* Need a creative spark? There's an app for that.

* Being a go-getter is no fun

* Travel the world; be a better entrepreneur.

* Wanna learn a foreign language? Act like a local.

* Girlfriends - illustrated.

* Out: book clubs. In: social change dinners.

* Artist studios - creative minds spill out into the real world.

* And more here... can't get enough.

* Sister Rosemary: Ugandan nun vs warlord

* Quit the internet, cold turkey. Try it.

* See what it's like to hear for the very first time.

* Hold onto the diversity of life.  Don't let it fade away.

* A reminder of those we have lost.

* I want to have lived a day in their lives - fearless females.

* Time to get back to work.

* We all were artists once.

* Misty Copeland - bad ass ballerina

* Go outside for better brain development.  Take a walk.  Be nice to trees.

* Nostalgia - a provider of meaning

* On getting our heads out of our digital asses and get ourselves dirty

* She-sheds - the new man caves

* Advice from a 40-year-old to a 30-year-old

* Fourteen and sailing the world.  What were you doing at fourteen?

* Fathers and their selfies... for their daughters.

* When college is no longer the only option

* Emoji - the evolution of a wordless language

* It can all change with a haircut

* Visual heaven in film

* Capturing the lost art of unplugged play

* Seeing beauty in animal disabilities

* Parisian bakers on vacation

* Lovely, miniature art


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