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Tuesday Tidbits: Fighting for Fashion

July 21, 2015
Safia Minney, Sustainable Fashion Activist [Credit:Link]

+ Meet the coolest women fighting for sustainable fashion

+ That backstage moment when it all comes together

+ Do you know the Top 10 It-Bags of all time?

+ The story behind Alexander McQueen's Deliverance Collection 

+ A conversation with Stella McCartney

+ Ali MacGraw: Preppy Bohemian

+ Some thoughts on the handbag business

+ Getting to know Cristobal Balenciaga

+ See how Chanel gets those perfect pleats

+ Protecting garment workers 

+ Catching up with the children of Comme

+ Living life the Celine way

+ The good, the bad, the smelly sides of clothing donation

+ Patagonia's Anti-Growth Strategy

Cheap clothing not so cheap; the true cost.

+ Zara's owner is very wealthy...

+ How textiles revolutionized technology

+ When worlds collide - poverty meet first-world

+ Continued worker exploitation in the garment industry

+ Why fur must not be a part of fashion

+ Steven-Alan office tour

+ The story of YKK zippers

+ The annoying, little sweater of J. Crew

+ Does fashion need to slow down?

+ Lessons from Raf Simons of Dior

+ Advice from Vera Wang

+ How does Hermès stay on top?

+ Simon Doonan on a Sunday

+ How Chanel saves craftmanship

+ What happened to the hippies?

+ Thoughts on Galliano's Margiela 

+ Behind the couture ateliers

+ Death of shopping malls

+ Don't forget linen!

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