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Ruhpolding - Beauty in the Bavarian Alps

July 20, 2015

After experiencing an Italian heat wave, we took my parents up to the Bavarian Alps for relief... to a beautiful area called Ruhpolding.  About an hour and a half drive from Hall-in-Tirol, where I live, this is the place where my husband's father grew up... back before it became a hot spot for cycling, skiing, holidays, and spa and wellness resorts.

It is situated near Chiemsee (sometimes referred to as the Bavarian Sea), a beautiful lake that has several islands within - one with a castle (unfinished by King Ludwig II who wished for a replica of the Palace of Versailles!) and one with a Benedictine nunnery built in 782 (and famous for their booze, Kloster Liquor!).

Before we dive into the in's and out's of Ruhpolding, first things first: the Freizeitpark of Ruhpolding.  My husband's parents took us all to this fairytale world high in the mountains.  It's a fun place for kids to meet the little gnomes and step into the nursery rhyme worlds they've only heard stories about.  It also has many games and physical activities to work out some kid energy!

Ella Surveys the Map

What are those gnomes up to?


Painting Lady Bugs

Making Jewelry

Making Schnapps?


Teaching Mushroom Safety

After meeting all of the gnomes, it was time for more fun!

Lil, What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

The park was also happy to accommodate pets, too!

Coco, Happy on the Train Ride

Feeling adventurous, Ella took on a few rides and activities!

Ella & Opa on the Bumper Cars

Ella in Trouble!

Brave Riders of the Dragon Ride!!

Trampouline Action

Ball Fun

Ella and a few other children met the Evil Witch of Hansel & Gretal.

I loved watching the children standing in awe (and a bit of hesitation) before the witch.  That's the beauty of a child's innocence... before they are hardened to the world...  It's a great gift to give - a happy childhood.

Thanks to the grandparents who made this a memory the girls will always remember!

Happy All Around!

Returning to the real world... a few snapshots.

A lovely, small barn currently under restoration


A small, personal chapel in memorium of the
son's survival after a battle with an illness.

Searching for wild strawberries in Granny's garden - yum!

A nature walk along a nearby stream - so many trout!!!

El & Ba Ngoai Skipping Stones

Tired Feet = Piggy Back Ride!

A Bavarian Classic

Nearby stands one of five notable churches in the area, The Chapel of St. Valentine.


This Romanesque church built in 1200 is the oldest building in Ruhpolding, as well as in the valley.  It is known for its net vaulted ceilings, frescoes, and a small collection of various statues/figurines from different centuries.  It is believed that this church sits on the site of a judicial building.

The Altar


The Entrance

One of the Figurines



The Steeple

Larger than life fresco of Saint Christopher (early 17th Century)

Exterior - List of Names

Detail Shot

More Figurines

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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