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Tuesday Tidbits - Welcome to the Period Party

June 23, 2015

+ What makes a woman a woman?

+ A brief history of the vagina in art

+ Menstrual blood, the new art medium (yes, you read that right!)

+ Let's not forget, vaginal knitting

+ Instagram censored menstruation photo

+ My period, my curse.

+ Third World periods.

+ It's slightly better, but not by much, in a US prison.

+ No wait, it's actually shittier because of all the sexual assaults in prison.

+ Some things change, some things stay the same.  Pimps & Ho's.

+ And, matching bloody diaper.

+ Introducing a new gadget for your periods

+ Improve your Cliteracy.

+ Under-Told Story of the Clitoris

+ Hiding tampons = hiding periods

+ Apple will now discuss your flow

+ The most precious blood on earth... really precious.

+ The Libido Guide

+ If this wasn't enough vagina talk for you, let's leave it to the ladies of Orange is the New Black to bring it home...

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