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The Longest Blue Hour

June 14, 2015

This weekend was a busy weekend, indeed!  A birthday party (Happy Birthday, Leif!), flea markets, ice cream excursions, and more! One of the big things on my calendar was the Schwabing Flea Market (Schwabinger Hof-Flohmarkte).  I mentioned this yearly neighborhood event in a previous post here.

It happens in every neighborhood in Munich (which is a lot!) every Saturday during the summer season.  I love this idea (and so do the swarms of people meandering the streets) because it is nice to get out and meet other neighbors (and snoop around in their stuff!).  Really, it is a great atmosphere... and you can sell or give something you have loved to someone else who was looking for something just like it... and so you know that it will be loved in its new home, too!

Tables line the sidewalks, the interior courtyards, anywhere that doesn't block the flow of traffic!

El & Lil got a 'new' camera and phone!

Coffee Ice Cream for Mama

And, of course, a summer weekend just wouldn't be a summer weekend without  a trip to the ice cream parlor! We found a lovely little joint called Bartu just around the corner!  They specialize in all organic ingredients... and they are quite popular in the neighborhood!


Two chocolate ice creams for the girls...  and on with the flea market, we go!

A few toys spied by the girls... and a new doctor's kit for El and two flying dragons for Lil.

Post flea market activities included playing with the new toys (testing out the doctor's kit) and some football play.

We were invited for post flea market dinner outside in our friends', Patrick and Tanja's, courtyard.  I love the view of each of their apartment balconies.  Each balcony has a great variety of herbs, flowers, and other plants.  Here in Europe, I find that people really take their gardening very seriously.  Rarely do I see a residential window or doorstep without some greenery. 

And, one building I found around the corner really, really love their greenery ON their building facade.  The Beck Verlag house, a 250 year old publishing company, has for years had this ivy growing on their building.  It's quite a lovely thing to see.  I passed it once in the winter months and it was just so plain without the ivy.

Dinner's ready! Nothing screams summer like an outdoor dinner with a mix of fresh fruits and veggies, breads and spreads, charcuteries, a mix of salads, and a nice cold rosé or white wine.

The beautiful reds of summer (radishes, raspberries, strawberries, and tomatoes), roasted potatoes, fresh pretzels and multigrain breads, couscous with roasted veggies, and a nice melon salad with mint... Delicious!  I have to hunt down the recipes!!

During dinner, time slows down and more wine goes 'round... The days here in Europe are stretching longer and longer.  The sun sets around 9:30PM!  So, you can really get a lot into a day...  but then suddenly, a magical time arrives called The Blue Hour

From what I gather, this is a treasured hour by people and also by artists.  It captures the feeling of a day ending... but not yet ended... and lovely memories that have just been made can be savored for a few moments longer.  We had, up til now, a true summer day filled with fun and friends... and of course, what better way to keep the day going than another trip to the ice cream parlor!  Because, why not?  Isn't this the sign of a great summer day???  


The girls especially love ice cream time - a special treat, indeed!


The night finally came around... slow as molasses... This Blue Hour idea makes me think of
René Magritte.


There is something quite magical in the twilight hours in the early morning and evenings... and I think it helps to be outdoors to really enjoy it... good thing the Europeans make it their past time to spend as much time outdoors as possible!  To be 'blue' here isn't the same as being 'blue' in America... instead of feeling sad... it means to feel drunk or intoxicated!

Sunday morning, Sophia and I headed out to the Stoffmarkte Holland.  This is a travelling fabric & notions market that was in town for the day.  We found tons of fabrics, battings, threads, buttons, tools, patterns, and things we didn't even know existed for sewing.  It was a fun time.

I grabbed a few linen fabrics, fat quarters for a new quilt, and a few tools for sewing.  When we finished, we were famished... and headed straight over to the Hirschau Biergarten to meet Harry, our friend, Ann, and the girls.

A favorite biergarten of ours located by the English Garden.  It's a great place for the parents AND the kids.  What's lovely about the biergartens here in Germany is that you can even bring your own food.  You just have to buy the beverages from the restaurant.  I've seen birthday parties, family dinners, date nights - you name it!  What a great place to enjoy an outdoor outing!

The food here is good, too - Sophia and I shared the roast chicken (my regular!) and obatzda cheese - yum!



As we were leaving the biergarten, we found a bed of wild strawberries!  What a delightful surprise (and snack)!

Ann was so kind to slip us a few slices of her freshly made Rhubarb Cheesecake!  With a cup of tea, this treat was just what we needed to get us packed and back on the road back to Austria!

Thanks everyone for a lovely summer weekend!  This one was one for the books!  Servus!!!
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