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Tuesday Tidbits - Of Course! But, Maybe...

May 27, 2015

+ Love isn't meant to be forever?

+ How a rubber tire authority became a restaurant authority

+ Facial hair is art?

+ Give the homeless a place to call home?

+ When first sitting down to write, just write like crap.

+ Cheap wine may be killing you...

+ A medievel cure for superbugs?

+ Rothko as cafeteria wall decor? Say it ain't so!

+ See! Germs really can be our friends!

+ The other side of being Asian (or when you're not good at math or kung-fu)

+ Sunglasses (from 12th Century Chinese judges to sinners to cool kids)

+ Unplug and be bored

+ Capitalism creates Cool?

+ Rat Packs of NYC

+ Mosquitos love me more

+ Finding undocumented workers and saving lives

+ Norway's unique approach to education

+ Chernobyl - Too busy being radioactive to decay

+ My little secret thing to do in NYC

+ What your bad tattoo says about you

+ The secrets of the shipping industry

+ Diamonds are these plants' best friends

+ Bacteria Zombies

+ The Chinese have gotten this 'we' thing down pat

+ Oregon's lake going down the 'drain'

+ Werner Herzog walking on the edge of doom

+ Can we save ourselves from plastic?

+ Bees - 21 days in a life

+ And, baby beluga makes three!

+ Jonathan, the turtle. (b.1902)

+ The place where space ships go to die

+ Cat people, beware!

+ Patagonia's anti-growth strategy

+ New species named

+ Saviors in the post-apocalyptic world?

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