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February 17, 2015
Joan MirĂ³ (Spanish, 1893-1983), Carnival of Harlequin, 1924-25. Oil on canvas [Credit:Link]

What a wild & crazy ride it's been these last few days! And it's gonna hit its peak today with Fat Tuesday!  Hope everyone has a grand time!  I was so busy last week... I saved a ton of links that I want to get into... Wanna join me?

- Ever wonder - what if paintings could text?

- Knowledge is power.  Get some here - and it's free!

- Do you know about Dead Drops yet?

- IKEA's gotta new bag, baby!

- 9 for 90.  It's The New Yorker's big anniversary issue.

- I have only eaten Miso Soup in sushi restaurants, but this recipe looks to be a good one to start making at home.

- They always say that the book is better than the movie.  Here's a peek at some of the books for this year's movies.

- And here are some cool movies to watch on Netflix.  Regardless on if you're a designer or not.

- Ever wanted to applique something by hand?

- Because the American in me loves her condiments!

- How is it possible for U.S. livestock to consume nearly four-fifths of the antibiotics used in America? This is not o.k.

- I am beginning to see the beauty in a studel.

- Girls are taught to be nice... maybe it's time we weren't so nice.

- Austria isn't known for its shrimp... and this isn't helping my cravings.

- In the States, you can get a bag of six English Muffins in a snap.  Here, not so much.  I think it's time to whip up my own batch - for mini pizzas, for jam toasts, or to just catch melting butter...

- No meat allowed.

- These are a few cute DIY projects to try.

- Folded fingerless gloves - what a good idea!


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