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When the cats away... The mice stay indoors!

January 28, 2015
This morning in the wee hours, my husband hopped on a plane to Paris for work, and the girls and I hunkered down for a second day home from school (thank you, stomach bug!).  We awoke to find the world outside snowy and white!!

It takes a bit of planning to keep the girls from going stir-crazy inside the house... And so, after a brief search on Pinterest, I found a fun mid-morning activity for the girls to do.

Crystal Underwood had a great idea which combined the girls' love of painting with playing in the snow! And since they couldn't go out... I brought the snow to them!

I grabbed two glass baking dishes and filled them with snow.  The tools were whatever I could find quickly in my kitchen:

- a spray bottle
- two glass jars
- a turkey baster
- two medicine dispensers
- two Asian soup spoons
- a potato masher
- a set of watercolor paints
- some paint brushes
- some plastic cups from their toy kitchen
- a table cloth or cover

The girls had a fun time with this activity.

Here are a few other ideas for fun with snow:

- in the tub

- if you don't have snow

- if you need a little more 'action'

- if you need to liven up your playdough

- or for an added 'ew' factor


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