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Toddler Mittens from Old Onesies

January 26, 2015

I have been collecting a bag of old sweaters for a while now.  Not sure what to do with it other than donating them or dropping them off at our local second hand shop.  However, now that I've been on this kick to up-cycle any old clothes, linens, or just about anything that can be cut and sewn... I decided to make a pair of gloves for Lily.  And, honestly, last week they went outside to play in the snow without gloves... because their only pair of gloves was in their basket at daycare.  So, my next mission was to sew a few gloves for the girls and what better material to use than what I had at home just waiting to be put back into action.

Just grab an old pair of soft, cozy onesies and turn them inside out.  The one I used is a knit material.  Make an mitt outline of your child's hand and give it about a half inch extra space around the fingers and wrist.  The thumb gusset could use a tinier amount of extra space - you can gauge with your own eyes on this one.  

Cut out the pattern and pin to the pant leg.  Cut out a large enough piece from both sides of the pant leg.  From here, you sew along the edge - giving yourself 1/4" seam allowance.  Things may overlap a bit when you get to the area between the thumb and forefinger.   When finished, turn the glove inside out, and, voila, you have your first mitt.  I had a bit of a tough time getting into the tight turn between the thumb and forefinger... the seam opened up after turning it inside out.  So, I just turned it wrong side out and tried it again... and this time the seam stayed put.

If I had a serger machine, I'd probably do the seam edges a bit nicer.  But since I don't have a serger machine, I typically do a zig zag stitch afterwards to make sure the gloves stand up to constant play by the girls.  You can do this too if you'd like to strengthen the seams.

Either way, what a great way to use up an old, beloved sweater or onesie... and create a growing winter accessories collection.  It's hard for me not to look at a sweater or onesie and not anticipate it being outgrown and made into a set of mittens... or a hat!!  I'll save that for another project very soon!!

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