Tuesday Tidbits

[Credit: (Hans Hillewaert/Wikimedia Commons)]

+ are we all made of stars?

+ too much information?

+ personal space just got wider by our personal bug cloud

+ beautiful bees

+ water on Mars!

+ Shell stops Arctic drilling

+ the dying face to face conversation

+ are we ruining our kids?

+ close up vinyl

+ mealworms to the rescue

+ why are we still here?

+ Oreos are like cocaine?

+ Jellies in space

+ where are those ants carrying those leaves?

+ recycling regrets?

+ Nobel-winning Chinese medicine

+ Nefertiti found?

+ it's a dirty job, and they do it.

+ the lightest metal ever

+ a massive sunfish

+ Bermuda Triangle still mystifies

+ a sunken church re-emerges

+ Jefferson's chemistry lab discovered

+ pesky palm oil fires

+ the warming of the Pacific Ocean

+ King Tut's tomb in color



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