Tuesday Tidbits - World on the Brink

* global business - from master to pawn

* from animal abuse to felony

* gun rights harm the rule of law

* economic inequality harms society

* Atlantic's dead zones

* Nazi bunkers, 70 years later

* The birth of the Corporate Lobbyists

* A thought on American inner cities

* Home brewed heroin

* Drug today, medicine tomorrow

* France's No-Go Zone

* And China's coal is killing the koalas, too!

* The true costs of "Rent-to-Own"

* Rainforest bought by oil companies

* Nazi bookkeeper admits complicity

* While the man who saved 700 Jewish children has died

* Hawaii, first state to ban plastic bags at grocery stores

* Waiting to die in prison - for a bag of pot

* Exposing poor communities to paramilitary forces

* Save our little bees

* Tunica, Mississippi's deep poverty

* Incarceration, Education, Emancipation

* Cheap Bacon, at a stinky cost.

* A Norwegian prison, that makes you go - "hmmmmm?"

* Ravensbrück, the Nazi concentration camp for women

* Our wastewaters aren't so hot either.  Prozac for the birds!

* Too poor to buy diapers

* 1 in 5 kids live in poverty today

* From school to prison to career criminals

* Why do we pay stars/executives/athletes so much?

* The prisoners who fight fires in California

* Corporate world - great for men, shitty for women

* The American lawn - RIP

* Are we heading towards an oligarchy?

* Fear and frustration at the borders of Europe 


* Sure, I'm feeling a bit negative with all that the world suffers,
but there is still hope... and that hope lives on through
the people and organizations that fight for the poor, the displaced, the needy.
Meet The Borgen Project.


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