Tuesday Tidbits - Wonderfully Weird Science

Look Up.  It's amazing out there.

Have you looked up from your screens lately?  It really is a wonderful world out there... bruises and all.   Science continues to uncover so many answers to mysteries of our universe... never stop asking questions!!!

+ See where your plastic bottles go when you toss them

+ Islands made of poo?

+ Grow your own bismuth crystals

+ A dragon autopsy

+ What if you fell through a black hole?

+ What happens to your body in a heat wave?

+ Can we turn back time?

+ Are you always cold?

+ Owl magic

+ Gut bacteria influences the brain?

+ Physics will rule the world

+ Do you remember your first memories?

+ Running on half empty (half brain, that is.)

+ Are we heading into a mini Ice Age?

+ The benefits of living near trees

+ Earworms - aka the songs you can't get out of your head

+ Why our heart aches

+ Climate change, flight times, and you...

+ Black hole in my pocket

+ Ouch! What's behind sunburns?

+ Dark matter and Coma Clusters

+ A new, Earth-like planet discovered

+ Flowers for Fukushima

+ Vicks Vaporub - the story

+ Welcome Oleogustus to the taste family

+ Insects and their feelings

+ What's Palm Oil and how is it destroying Southeast Asia's forests?

+ Humans are endangering the krill population - so what?

+ Sucking carbon dioxide right out of the air

+ 50 shades of grey hair

+ Chimps have entered the Stone Age!

+ Rare Nautilus spotted for the first time in 30 years!

+ Why do bruises change color?

+ VIP treatment for the Corpse Flower

+ After my wasp sting, I'm not so mad anymore.

+ Snuggles are a big thing in our house!

. . .

Feeling grateful for such a colorful world.


RIP Israel Kamakawiwo'ole


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