Tuesday Tidbits - Getting Hooked

From Bookshelf Porn

Stacks of books.  Intriguing.  Exciting.  
You never know what you'll dive into next.  
Go ahead! Get lost in a book!

+ Did you read these books while on the beach?

+ 125 authors recommend their best books of all time

+ Top ten podcasts you should be listening to now

+ Joys and challenges of summer reading

+ Why startups love Moleskins

+ Diane Arbus, A Reading List

+ Penny Arcade: My ten favorite books

+ Michael Bierut's Book List

+ 12 Books Steve Jobs wanted you to read

+ 53 books you won't be able to put down

+ Book love - Instagram vs Reality

+ 15 greatest Amy Winehouse performances

+ 9 Books recommended by Elon Musk

+ 30 most important books for product designers

+ A dark side to Atticus Finch?

+ The rise of adult coloring books

+ Gilmore Girls fandom

+ What highschoolers should be reading 

+ 42 literary quotes about summer

+ Oreo, an overlooked classic on race

+ 8 books recommended by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

+ 9 books recommended by Neuroscientist Sam Harris

+ Haruki Murakami - on becoming a novelist

+ 51 books for animal lovers

+ Top 10 summer films

+ 19 books for Paper Towns fans

+ 21 Netflix documentaries to watch now

+ 11 Pixar shorts to brighten your day

+ 21 books from the last five years every woman should read

+ 7 August reading suggestions

+ Who was your first literary crush?

+ Squeeze in a summer novel

+ 22 movies you may have missed

+ 51 best fantasy series ever written

+ Fermentation: A reading list

+ What makes a good story?

+ Want to cry? Read these books.

+ Books you'll want to talk about ASAP

+ Prison Food: A reading list

+ Ralph Waldo Emerson and American Poetry 

+ Gwyneth's kids' fave books

+ Most popular books in U.S. public libraries, mapped by city

+ 50 coolest books ever



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