Fishies, Dinosaurs, and Fruit Leather, Oh My!

We were in grey and cloudy Munich recently.  Not too inspired to go outside (brrrr!), we decided to stay inside at two fun places for the girls!  First, we headed over to Sea Life for some fun with the fishies!

El & Lil had some fun at a touch pool.  The sticky anenomes were cute!  We also learned what shark eggs look like... I didn't know they had their babies in eggs!


Hello from down under!!!

Oooh! The jellyfish tank was certainly the coolest and most mesmerizing!

Here are a few of the creatures we met on our visit!  The Coconut Crab was an interesting specimen.  Did you know they are the largest, land-living anthropod in the world?  They can crack open coconuts and eat the insides!  They can climb trees and have a great sense of smell.  

Next up, the Dinosaurs!!!!

The Paleontological Museum of Munich packs almost 400 million years of history into a small, charming space.  The specimens and exhibits were very educational.  There were many other kids there and the girls had lots of fun.  They even had their own personal dinosaurs figures with them to compare!

A Prehistoric Walrus

Early sea life in Bavaria??


This elk was pretty impressive!  Look at those antlers!!!


What a beautiful Archaeopteryx!  There's even a commemorative coin for its discovery 150 years ago by Herman von Meyer. 

Dinosaur eggs!

Anyone else thinking Jurrassic Park? HA!

Lady Bug!

Herring (150 million years old)

Sea Lilies (190 Million Years Old)

Fish Head

Endoceras (470 Million Years Old)

Phew!  All of that learning... time for a snack!

. . .

Fruit Roll-ups were a popular treat when I was growing up.

But, these days it seems that they are made of less and less fruit.  Shame.  But, they're so easy to whip up at home... and are a great way to use that fruit that's looking a bit over ripe and one step away from the bin.  Use them here!

I took two very ripe and neglected nectarines, a sad banana, and a handful of blueberries.  Roughly chopped them and threw them into my blender with about 1/8 cup of apple juice and a splash of lemon juice.  Blitz.  The mixture was more on the yellowish side with bits of blueberry skin floating around - not super appealling.

Throw that into a pot and put on medium high heat for about 5-10 minutes.  The color turns to a nice purple color. Those blueberry bits working their magic!  Then, spread onto a Silpat mat and heat in the oven at 175 deg F for 4-6 hours.

Once done, aka no longer sticky and cool enough to be handled, transfer the 'leather' to wax paper, cut into strips, and then ROLL! I used a tiny piece of tape to keep them closed.  

Store in a cool, dry spot.  I think next time, I will experiment with different fruits and a heavier layer of fruit puree.  Some spots were too thin and crackled like seaweed (that's not necessarily bad if that's what you want!).  Enjoy.  I think I'll be sneaking a few more of these than I should be... a good excuse to make more!  And, yes, these are made with REAL FRUIT.  



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