Tuesday Tidbits: You Are What You Eat (or What You Have to Eat)


+ these passionate speakers have a problem with what we eat

+ factory food in America - watch now

+ men were dying from what they ate, so this man put a whole town on a diet 

+ animal cruelty is now a felony

+ largest avian flu outbreak happening now!

+ after seeing Alpine cows sunning in the grass on the hillside, 
this makes me sick.

+ ditch the bottle. 
for real.

+ also, ditch the antibacterial products... 
embrace good germs.

+ eating seafood, supporting slavery - 
the Thai fish industry's yucky practice

+ the last family-owned matzo factory - 
SOLD! to big corporate honcho's, of course. 

+ Americans are eating tainted food from the companies they trust...
when will we wake up and protest this shit?

+ problems in the bourbon industry - 

+ eating US commercially raised chicken? 

+ first salmonella, now arsenic in 70% of US chickens 

+ from TEANY to Little Pine
Moby's commitment to veganism

+ before you juice cleanse, try whole.

+ global prosecco shortage - say it ain't so!

+ France takes the first steps to ending food waste - tres bien!
Meet the man behind the movement.

+ for the love of olives 

+ love sweets? 
see why here.

+ got drunk? 
see why here.

+ another reason commercial farming is bad for the environment

+ take a look at urban farming

+ labeling & the GMO food dilemma

+ make meat dishes a special occasion, not an every meal occurrence

+ growing food takes a toll on the environment... 
and yet, we still throw it in the garbage.

+ food fraud, not just in China

+ let's be grateful... let's not harm, but help another in need... let's #endpoverty.


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