Viktualienmarkt (One Pot Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti Remix)

We had a few errands to run this weekend in Munich, and when we finished, we found ourselves enjoying the sights and foods of the (always hectic) Viktualienmarkt in the city's historic center.

In the Middle Ages, tournaments and markets were located in Marienplatz, where it is named after the Marian Column that was erected in 1638 in celebration of the end of the Swedish occupation during the Thirty Years' War. 

When Marienplatz became too small, King Maximillian I declared the Viktualienmarkt its successor in 1807, where it has expanded and remained, as of today, the vibrant and gourmet, open air market.   Its name is derived from the Latin word for 'food' (victuals).  It's huge.  There are 140 vendor stalls and shops showcasing their best products.


Anything and everything can be found here - fruits, vegetables, flowers, antipasti, game, poultry, fish, cold cuts and sausages, pastas, fresh flowers, honey, crafts - and all of it is beautifully displayed...  I wanted to take it all home with me!


The strawberries and cherries looked incredible... we grabbed a few bags on the way home.  And, yes, they were 100% delicious.  The flower stands were in full bloom... peonies, my favorite!

Schlemmermayer's (Photo by Gorka Aranzabal)

It is my recollection that every time I have visited Viktualienmarkt I have never left without indulging in the schweinbraten mit krust (roast pork with crispy skin) sandwich.  Every single time.  My husband always gets the rostbratwurst sandwich.  And, we always get our fix at Schlemmermayer's (right by the fountain of Elise Aulinger).

Rostbratwurst Sandwich [Credit:Link]

Crispy Skin Roast Pork Sandwich (Credit:Link)

The photos above were taken by Nicole, from the Passport Eater.  I, of course, ate all of my evidence before a photo could be taken.  Let's just say - not a crumb remained.

It must be my Vietnamese upbringing... (we also have a delicious roast pork with crispy skin!) that makes it a little difficult for me to commit to a vegetarian lifestyle... or to turn away from a delicious indulgence such as this one.

The girls had some fun, too - they had an impromptu BBQ with a few neighbors' kids... playgrounds... and more fun with animals!

Finally, we made it back to our home in Hall.  Tired, in that good kind of way, we all settled back into our usual speed and pace.  I was cutting it close to dinner time - and so, decided to try out this "One Pot Pasta" concept that I've read about here and here.

Inspired, I looked into my kitchen and found some chicken and some mushrooms (button and chanterelles).  I picked this recipe from Family Bites as my jumping off point.

One Pot Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti 

Adapted from Family Bites

I must warn you... I didn't really just throw it all in there and let it do its thing.  I'm a bit of a control freak and a die hard fan of browning veggies or meats to kick up the flavor a few notches.  And, I can't, for the life of me just leave well enough alone.  Can. Not. NOT. Brown. Mushrooms. In. Butter.

And, I'm nervous always about chicken doneness.

So, there.  I pretty much browned everything (mostly) and THEN threw it all into the pot.

Ok.  Now that I got that off my chest... let's proceed.

One pot pastas definitely work.   Oh, I didn't have any cream... but, that didn't stop me.

The pasta reminds me of lo mein.... except, it's more Italian than Chinese.  The spaghetti is slippery (due to the starch) rather than cheesy/creamy.  The pasta is well flavored by all of the other players in the pot.

It's different... and, it's still delicious!

I will definitely try this again - if I'm ever in a pinch and can just throw what ingredients I have on hand into the pot.  Give it a whirl, and tell me what you think!



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