Tuesday Tidbits - Made by Hand

Made by Hand

+ standard sizes for everything home and bedding related

+ how to heart chain a napkin

+ how to make a zipper pillow

+ crafty? check out these helpful hints.

+ 8 ways to decorate a pie crust

+ how to embroider 'fur' for your animal softie

+ blog lovin' - fall for diy & year of craft

+ ikea hackers unite!

+ the health benefits of knitting

+ screen printing accessories

+ 23 gardening tips

+ 20 years of cleaning tips - thanks, Martha!

+ hard baked eggs

+ 99-year-old sewing granny

+ the renaissance of flower design

+ watch the restoration of an old book

+ fun for the kids - cornstarch clay!

+ beautiful pot holders

+ drawing on stones

+ making books by hand


+ meet the 'boxing tailor'

Credit: Raw Craft

+ Chanel & Beadwork

+ portrait of a Tibetan craft

+ the need to make

+ the craft of curing meats

+ from skateboards to eyewear



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