The Sophia Zip Clutch

Last year, after I finished my New York Nine quilt, I had accumulated quite a bit of one inch half triangle squares.  They were definitely not enough for a quilt... but I decided to piece them all together to see what exactly I COULD do with them.

I found a spark of inspiration from the following quilt.  I liked the irregularity... which gives this quilt
some visual movement.  I'm glad each piece doesn't look like soldiers standing at attention.  How boring.


So, I began to play around with the placement of each piece.


Flying Geese Pattern

Uniform Diagonal

I opted for the uniform diagonal pattern but with a shift in direction in the middle eight rows.

Look at that shrinkage!

All Sewn Up and Ready to Go

After the piece was all sewn together, lo and behold! I had enough for a clutch bag.

Exterior Meets Interior

Zipper Attached

Time to Sew

The Insides

The Interior Pocket

And voila!  I made a zip clutch using the half triangle square scraps from a previous quilt.  A quilt that keeps on giving! Yay!

Well, it wasn't the prettiest of executions... I still need practice on how to attach the pieces to the zipper tape (wax on, wax off)... but I'll get there.  Getting two-dimensional fabrics to get together and behave like a three-dimensional object is quite a mind bender.  But, when it finally does its thing, it's a very satisfying moment.

The New York Nine quilt is close to my heart.  So many memories, so many personal fabrics.  I'm glad that all of those things helped to bring this clutch into existence.  And in the spirit of giving, I've passed this piece on as a birthday gift to my near and dear friend, Sophia.  Thank you for getting me hooked on quilting.  We've shared a lot through our love of needle and thread... can't wait to see what bubbles up next!

The Sophia Zip Clutch


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