Tuesday Tidbits | People Are People

James Rizzi (1996) [Credit:Link]

Hmm, so this week
it's all about the people.

What people?
You ask.

You know, THOSE people.

People who need a reminder
that the good stuff is
NOT stuck in the camera ...
it's all around you.

People who want to fall in love
It's all about risk taking.
Or asking the right questions.
There are 36, to be exact.

People who respect
the dying... and see death

People who have
lost trust in their doctors...

People who still fight sexism
- in the internet age.

People who know we are all made of star-stuff.

People who are truly loved -
by their pets.

People who are born to roam.

People  who need to quit.

People who are getting older...
and living alone.

People who like sleeping in a pack. 

People who think their children 
are like wild animals

People in charge of recording 
the 'End of an Era'.

People who put their family
as their highest priority.

People who have fun with
food and geography. 

People who fight 
to save those who can not. 

People who  survive nightmares. 

People who know life is short

People who bring forgotten 
fairy tales back to life. 

People who are "accidental news junkies".

People who feel they need approval from others. 

People are beautiful  all over the world. 

People who fight for animals left behind.

People who smoke while pregnant.

People who drop out of Harvard.

People who don't burn bridges. 

People who quit their day jobs - 
to walk in the woods. 

People who come back from space 
a year older and younger. 

People who don't "trickle down".

People who put their money down 
for experiences first.

People who see that happiness
 changes as you get older.

People ready to get out of their closets.

People who go it alone.

People who make sucky toys

People who need a roomate -
in the nursing home.

People just looking 
for their identity.

Heads up!
People. They're just like us!


. . .

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully
So we're different colours
And we're different creeds
And different people have different needs
It's obvious you hate me
Though I've done nothing wrong
I never even met you
So what could I have done
I can't understand
What makes a man
Hate another man
Help me understand. 
- Depeche Mode

"People Are People" - Depeche Mode


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