Tuesday Tidbits - Mother Earth


Mother Earth 

Earth Day, 2015

+ a discovery of mysteries
in the deep

+ strongest substance in the smallest of creatures

+ the world's oldest trees

+ the world's oldest living things 

+ the evolution of feathers

+ owl love you, forever!

+ it's a hard, hawk life

+ vegetarian birds turn meat eaters

+ penguins are losing their taste buds
and becoming ninjas!

+ sea lion pups heading to the
california coast

+ true, parental love 

+ have you heard a

+ a mother's devotion 

+ a beautiful, natural birth... of a baby gorilla.

+ the chameleon's party trick

+ how to save 100 rhinos

+ portland loves their bees

+ germany loves their chicks

+ the danes love their pigs

+ dogs - our loyal companions

+ the world's deepest hole

+ next stop: blood falls, antartica

+ the birth of an island

+ amazing discoveries
are still being uncovered

+ a hole in the sea

+ what is happening to our oceans

+ there is no life without water

+ put food, not in landfills, but in the hands
of those who need it

+ energy through glass?

+ edible 'water bottles'?

+ we are one in a gazillion

+ Paris is dealing with air pollution

+ I want to shop here

+ solar energy - finally getting competitive! 

+ hooray for renewable energy!

+ Costa Rica - a renewables success story

+ witnessing our deepest, darkest mistakes

+ the unfashionable side of fashion

+ the worst place on earth

+ the new ocean ecosystem - the plasticsphere

+ get to know the Pacific Garbage Patch

+ Our garbage??? It's ending up here... 
choking the life out of other species.

 + This is how we wish to know our oceans...

+ There's always more out there to discover!

+ We can't look away and do nothing...

 Mother Earth is worth saving... WE are worth saving.


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