Tuesday Tidbits - Tasty Delight

The Ugly Fruit Campaign [Credit: Link]

* last week, i made a stack of crepes... and not for breakfast with nutella... but for dinner in german pancake soup... first, make a pot of chicken soup... any one will do... then, slice up crepes into strips... add a few scallions... and bob's your uncle.

* ahh, the eggplant... how i am obsessed with you... in the past, i only ate it in a chinese garlic sauce... but now, combined with my  introduction to ottolenghi... my culinary mind has been opened.  i love you in a roast veggie tart... wrapped around soft pillows of ricotta dumplings... roasted and added to a comforting tomato sauce a la Norma a la Batali... cultivated since the dawn of prehistory in the arab and asian worlds, i am only at the tipping point of my love for you...

* of these five mother sauces, i have figured out all but that old brunch favorite, the hollandaise sauce.

* seriously, could these cookies BE any cuter?

* i'm a thousand miles away from the nearest krispy kreme... these just might do the trick. [wait.  krispy kreme is global???]

* [throwing my hands up] really?? the vast majority of 'tuna' we think we are eating is not tuna... it can also be escolar.  heads up:

"84% of fish samples labeled "white tuna" were actually escolar, a fish that can cause prolonged, uncontrollable, oily anal leakage."

* on a sweeter note, candied citrus peel.  yum.

* time to dust off my pasta maker... hello, fettuccini.

* kombucha king  - it just never caught on with me...

* stir-fry's secret weapon

* summer, i mean, pesto season, is right around the corner

* weird. flavor changing milk.

* weekday vegetarian  - let's try it... jamie's doing it, too...  here's something to kick start you...

* seeds imbedded in our coffee cups - giving our trash a second purpose

* thoughts on indian food... aka why it's so delicious

* this looks so good... Focaccia di Recco

* dealing with food waste

* bakery thieves

* mushrooms can help save the world... plants communicate, people...

* croissant artesans - i love watching bakers baking, don't you???

* NYC food trucks not to miss

* pie crust decorating - easy as pie

* traveling? eat like a local.

* tiny cakes need tiny tools - some people have too much time

* support the ugly food movement

* chefs wish for new tools to be invented.

* baby carrots, they are NOT.

* an important infograph - ben & jerry's ice cream flavors

* vegetable art

* the ugly ducklings of the produce aisle have become swans

Servus... xo


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