Tuesday Tidbits - See the Beauty

See The Beauty [Credit:Link]

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius

+ This = when Wonka met Crayola

+ But, the world is even more colorful.

+ Just ask William Wegman. Woof!

+ But, what do I know? Go see for yourself.

+ But don't go here, unless you're a professional or packing gills.

+ And maybe, not here... because someone really wants them hidden.

+ And, don't be a dick.

+ Let me know if you ever see one of these when you're out there.

+ Do like these photographers who found beauty in Rio... and in the surreal... 

+ Or like these designers who created beautiful objects.

+ Or a completely fictitious Alpine state... with its own dessert.

+ Or used everyday items to create beauty. Never look at office supplies the same again!

+ In 1955, some kids found beauty and fun in this 'trash'... and a classic toy was born.

+ Those crazy kids... grew up and rebelled.

+ But, they fought to end up like this?

+ Werner Herzog has a few thoughts on our modern life.

+ And, a small town in Germany wants to save our sleep. 

+ And, decluttering is a thing.

+ America! Is this why we're so on edge?

+ Maybe, if we made things more cozy...

+ Or worked out our anxiety by kneading some bread... instead of making bad decisions.

+ Or watched some flicks with food... not the romanticized celluloid films... but real people making real food - like the Indian Sikh's who make Italian cheese!

+ Or made friends with animals.... Cos they can see right through us.

+ Or just make things for yourselves by hand.

+ It's okay... if it's not perfect.

+ Here's a few inspirational people.

+ And one American Shokunin.


American Shokunin from Ryan Bush on Vimeo.


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