Tuesday Tidbits - Déjà Vu

**1/ Visvim (Link) 2/ Traditional Kimono (Link) 3/ The Row (Link)

Déjà vu
feeling the old
in something new

that nostalgic feeling
we yearn for-
from old Russian candy wrappers
to forgotten Olympic dreams.

We really love old shit.
Even, THAT shit.

We discover the past every day -

We go all Indiana Jones
to find things in foreign lands.

We find people
who live in the wild
who live on the edge of extreme.

We remember times of 
great promise  and
Times of great hardship -
from the Great Depression,
 to the Civil War

We can't let go of
the worker's uniform
 but can say farewell
(or just 'grow up')

We celebrate icons 
and designers
like Lanvin & McQueen

We rejoice 
when we find
forgotten treasures.

**We delight in a nod to our
and send a nod
back to old Japan.

Welcome home!

A 200-year-old house?
Not too shabby, I say!

Abandoned mansions?
Still full of life!

Neglected malls -
Centers with new purpose!
We love reinvention, don't we?

Feathers, reimagined.
Plus, other things
you can put on your head.
and the last meals on Death Row.
But are we over it?
Is fashion really dead?

Looking at Margiela
then and now.

YSL to Saint Laurent
What's the secret?

Japanese cool 
rules in Paris.

 Yoji Yamamoto
Still the master.

Vivienne Westwood
Reigns as punk queen.

It's true
Fashion Week sucks -
 for an intern but not for sharks.
Have a heart!
Don't forget the penguins.
 and other charitable arts.

Give back sometime. 
Doh! Sam Simon
gave it all back.

Veterans heal in the hot shop.
Banksy goes
undercover in Gaza.

A good book
Use it like a weapon.

 Here's a map to guide you.
Follow the sounds

Learn the importance
of sampling in music,
and where not to cross the line.

Don't feel too bad for Pharell,
he always makes 
old shit look good.

It's not where you got it,
it's where you take it!

Go get inspired,
watch these

Rediscover design.

Play this game,
create new ideas.

And, remember to
support the littlest artists, too!!!


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