Tuesday Tidbits - Creative Endeavors

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"It doesn't matter how the paint is put on so long as something is said." 
- Jackson Pollock

* secrets of the creative mind

* need a creative spark?

* new obscure words you didn't know yet

* foreign words the English language should steal

* the most beautiful English words

* to be a writer... learn to read like a writer

* what someone learned writing their first book

* totally useful websites you didn't know about

* cool youtube channels that can teach you a thing or two

* hesitant about following a dream?  Just jump.

* there are leaders... and there are those who lead

* one thing successful people do...

* what forever means to a teenager

* don't kill a child's creativity

* teach our children about real food

* conquering disgust to save lives

* the effects of negativity on us... on water crystals.

* our eyes... the window to our souls?

* how to be charming

* fake it til you make it

* this Egyptian woman did

* no one's style is unique

* vemödalen - n. the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical
   photos already exist


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