Tuesday Tidbits - Celebrate Women

March 8th was International Women's Day. 


+ raise strong boys

+ who can become great.

+ have a hard time (still) giving birth in Alabama

+ and it'll most likely be via C-section

+ have a hard time doing their best 
(while making OTHERS happy)

+ kick ass collaborating with their significant other

+ can be the queen of neuroscience

+ understand the joy of baking

+ win the Oscar

+ go back to school

+ can be a muse

+ have voices that matter. Really matter.

+ love no matter what

survive divorce

+ can create a classic board game

+ style food for Downton Abbey

+ are ready to endure one helluva case of jet lag

+ can be comma queens

+ will do anything for their children

+ can find beauty in all things

+ survive a stroke
and have a helluva story

+ marry craft with technology

+ make "the most beautiful books in the world"

+ make better doctors

+ fight for the working class

+ live to be 127 (?!)

+ still need our help to have their babies safely

+ the list goes on... and on.


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