Quilt No. 4 | Kenya Kids

Last August, I happened to find myself at a website called Craft Hope.  Jade, the site's founder, has collected and distributed thousands of handmade items to those who really need them.  She has garnered the attention of many crafters from the internet and channeled their unending enthusiasm through different projects focused on specific charities and organizations.  (She's spreading the love, people!!!)

Her latest project, No. 25, was for the charity, We Are Kenya.  I had just finished Quilt No.3 and I was dying to start another one.  This one even came with new clients!

Beautiful Smiles [Credit:Link]

Are these not the sweetest faces?  Their smiles were my biggest inspiration for this project.  Helping We Are Kenya was the best way I could help bring more smiles to their lives... and of course, when I read they were looking for handmade quilts for the school, I volunteered right away!

I did more research about the country and people of Kenya... I looked at tons of quilts... I saw so many wonderful images of Kenya that only touch the surface of the beauty (and struggles) of this faraway land.  Here are a few inspirations that spoke to me...

2010 @ Dany Paquin [Credit: link]

Vibrant color against natural, earthy colors...

The Queen Bee [Credit: Link]

Power... beauty... not to be messed with!

Namibian Madame @ Jim Naughten
[Credit: Link]

Fearless use of color play - light and dark, feminine and masculine!

Masai Babe @ Kimberly Haugen
[Credit: Link]

Love the use of geometric elements - hard and straight against a very rough environment!

"House Top" @ Loretta Pettway (Gee's Bend, 1963)
Made of Men's Clothing Scraps [Credit: Link]

I always find inspiration from the ladies of Gee's Bend...

"Pig in a Pen" @ Mini Sue Coleman (Gee's Bend, 1970's)
[Credit: Link]

Again and again...

And so, I put scissors to fabric... fabrics that were all second-hand, donated, used, etc... I like using what's around because if I had the chance to buy or choose my own, I would have eternal creative block - the choices are endless.  (I'm a Libra and choosing is a battle for me!)

This was my first few rounds of improvisational piecing...

The layout I chose for the back panel...

The final back panel... with quilting testers at work.

Quilt No. 4 | Kenya Kids

It feels so great to be able to have the time to create something so special for a child faraway... I hope that they feel warm and snug at night... that they will keep this quilt with them for always.

No! Thank YOU!!!


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