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What a week it's been!  This past week on the 19th was the start of the Lunar New Year - the Year of the Goat!!  I've been running around here in Austria and not really been in the new year spirit.  I was briefly bummed about not being home with my family to celebrate with them... and I even wanted to make a few Asian dishes just for the occasion... but, life happened... and I never got around to it... I'll try something soon... because, New Year festivities last for two weeks!!! (I've got time!)

The Lunar New Year is the king of holidays.

While not a typical Asian New Year's dish, I've been saving this for a while now. 

But this, my friends, IS a yummy Chinese dessert that was everywhere in Chinatown.  Sometimes, I would pop into a local bakery and grab a few.

A look behind the 'Made in China' label.

For these two weeks, a mass exodus occurs when the Chinese labor force goes back home to the countrysides.  Sometimes, this will be the one time of the year they get to see their families.  Cities often turn into ghost towns.

The great shift towards industrialization in China has had a great environmental impact to the country... and it's not a pretty sight.

Why Chinese moms flock stateside to give birth.

Western manners - the latest Chinese status symbol?

Secrets behind the bank note.

Well, here's something you can do with those used tea bags.

The sketch artist who eats... and draws.

Well, Valentine's Day just passed me by... but these desserts won't!

The best use for a Wal-mart ever!!!

Sriracha - a brand so hot, they welcome the imitators.

His flame burned out too soon.

To walk in another man's shoes - take him to lunch.

Be assertive.  Hold your ground.  Conversational how-to.

Moms...  Make a difference.

And if that's not enough, make a cake.

American counter culture, at it's finest.

The origins of hip-hop.


Rough winter for the Northern States.

Stay warm, NYC. It's freezing out there.

What to do with all that snow?

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show.  Say it ain't so!

What will happen to late night??? More thoughts from The New Yorker.

Farewell, David Carr.  He was the genius at the center of media and culture. He was the man.

A delicious farewell to the creator of Nutella.

Thoughts on the fight for free speech in Copenhagen.

History frozen in time.

Jewelry... tells a story.

A tribute to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

"Live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery." - Charlie Chaplin



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