Tuesday Tidbits -

My Budding Clementis

Things are warming up (for now) in my little neck of the woods... My plants are showing signs of budding and little shoots are reaching out!  I can't wait to finally get my plants outdoors - it's been too long.  I hope that things are warming up where you are, too!  Here are a few interesting things I've been collecting since last week...

- I always found headphones helpful in an open office environment - now if someone could just invent an invisibility cloak. 

- The importance of teaching children about gratitude.

- Who doesn't love latkes?  Let me count the 21 ways...

- An interesting book for parents... a look at all of the different ways children are raised in the world... and you know what? The kids are alright....

- Scottish toffee? Yes, please!

- How to raise a moral child.

- In case you missed them, here are the most-read stories from The New Yorker in 2014.

- Karl Lagerfeld, the ultimate multi-tasker.

- How does he do it year after year?  I would love to live in his mind for a day.  Chanel Spring 2015.

- Top 10 collage artists.

- How-to: Billingual Kids

- Inside J.K. Rowling's mind.

- In case of Vietnamese food cravings, press here.

- The hug that gave me the warm fuzzies.

- Cold churches... very cold.

- I have 17,000 digital photos - time to get organized!

- Write.  Feel better.

- Not giving a fuck.  Also feel better.

- Secret's out - teams with women make better teams.

- French meals to try before you die...

- Devilish desserts for Valentine's Day

- And a shout out to the non-chocoholics...



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