Tuesday Tidbits - Paradigm Shifty

Credit: Klaus Pichler via this link

Having just stood on top of the world,  I have experienced a subtle paradigm shift - and I like it! It's great to suddenly see things just a little bit different than you did yesterday... or to see the things you look at everyday suddenly start to stand out from the background... like dust bunnies!!

- Never look at the contents of your dustpan the same again!

- Don't call these ladies old... call them FIERCE - in their courage, their style, their I-don't-give-a-fuck-ness!! Bravo! but of course, none do it better than Iris Apfel!!!

- The end of the love affair (with cars)?

- “Feedback can never tell you anything about you. It can only tell you about the person giving the feedback.” - Tara Mohr

- A pregnant mother in the trenches - brave or irresponsible?

- "In Bloomberg Businessweek, Claire Suddath reports that there are only two countries in the world that don’t have some type of legally protected, partially paid leave for working women who just had a baby: Papua New Guinea and the U.S." - Sigh. So over hearing this about America.

- Up close and personal with the stars 

- One taste and I never bought pre-made in a jar tomato sauce again!!

- History - for you, at your fingertips! For FREE!!!!

-  Forget the tip of the iceberg...

- B is for bug - check this animal alphabet font!

- "It seemed like nothing at the time, an ordinary moment. And yet now, to me, it’s everything." Valuing the everyday moments...



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