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Moving from Dark to Light

Last November, my world experienced a paradigm shift.  I felt quite bummed about the state of the world, and as a result, gained a few (too many) pounds and obsessively gathered books and other reading materials, (new and classic, right and left, pro and con, fact vs fiction)... I wanted to fill my newly discovered bubble with educated thoughts rather than reactionary reflexes... I felt my life to be random, arbitrary, up for grabs... I looked for someone, something, that could offer me some steady ground, a few calm words that would indicate that we would all be ok in the end... but I realized that I wouldn't find it outside of myself... Everywhere I looked, people were un-tethered, so to speak... and, I knew that the non-stop parade of holiday sweet and savories, among other things, would do more harm than good.

So, while the world became more unknown to me, I began creating things.  Nothing in particular, just whatever materials I had on hand that happened to catch my eye, the…

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